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With a large list of genre-specific music lovers, pages, and blogs, playlists, this service can really help your music get VIRAL exposure.

Getting your music featured on playlists is one of the best ways to grow your fan base and get your music heard by as many people as possible.

Having a smart music marketing strategy is what will bring you success in the long run and you will also start seeing results pretty fast.

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Have your Spotify Album promotion heard by tens of thousands of listeners with this Spotify promotion package, we will make sure that during a 10 days period, your music will reach the necessary number of playlists and users so It will become a HIT.

Artist Profile Promotion – This is a UNIQUE service on the market. MusicPromotion Corp can provide promotion TARGETED by Country/Region and City and can promote your Spotify artist profile in that area before your Representation or Concert.

There is no other place where you can find similar products and services. MPC Team develops this SERVICE on HIGH DEMAND – UNIQUE


What We Guarantee To YOU: SPOTIFY PREMIUM PROMOTION:  3 Spotify Single / Traks; 12 Days / Minimum Promotion; 4 Spotify Playlists Placement

  • Twelve Days Exposure and Promotion – All Plays Eligible for Royalties
  • US & EU Audience and Interactions;
  • Results start to show up on the first Spotify Update;

You can order this package multiple times for the same track/s or you can add multiple tracks and you will get always new listeners. We target different people in each campaign. Real Spotify Promotion!

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Spotify is as empowering as it is challenging for aspiring singers and musicians. Upcoming bands and music composers can share their compositions with an audience spread all across the world but there are many such artists vying for the same exposure. It is not just hard to get noticed. It is virtually daunting to get enough exposure. Very few artists manage to score runaway hits. If your aspiration is to get noticed so you can embark on a successful career in music, then you must have a well-planned strategy to promote your works on Spotify. The first benchmark is to get enough plays on Spotify. If you do not get plays on Spotify, no one is going to be bothered to check your compositions. If you are not getting enough Spotify plays, buy them.

Limited Plays mean Limited Exposure

Lists of bestsellers released by major publications and popular platforms fuel more sales. The exposure secured through featuring on major lists is sufficient to provide the boost necessary for any artist. This is not only confined to musicians but all artists stand to benefit, from writers to designers. Spotify has a few barometers that are used to gauge the success of an artist or the impact of a profile. These metrics are plays, listeners, and followers. Spotify playlist also plays a major role. This is why Spotify playlist promotion is also important but you have to begin with plays. It is unnatural for a song to feature on a playlist without having enough plays. Playlists are a sign of proven popularity and not the foundation one can have before getting many plays.

Static Count of Plays means Stagnant Popularity

While a limited number of plays is a problem, a static count is also a concern. Artists should a gradually progress from relative obscurity to modest popularity and then one may easily or steadily become a phenomenon. When the number of plays remains static, it indicates a halt and at times a dead end. If you do not get more plays on Spotify, your popularity is not growing and this does not augur well for your subsequent compositions. You need a growing audience. The fan base will stagnate at one stage but it cannot be with just a few hundred followers and listeners. You can choose to wait to get adequate plays on Spotify. Alternatively, you can buy plays on Spotify.

Get Plays on Spotify from A Target Audience

It is not enough to just get plays on Spotify. How to get more plays on Spotify should be specifically about the target audience. You can buy plays on Spotify from random users. These users may not wield any influence on others. You need users who actually love the genre you specialize in. You need a well-defined target audience to listen to your compositions and only then will the word spread. Fans of specific genes are active and vocal. Casual listeners will not influence others to check out a new artist. They remain largely confined to their own experience of listening to a song. Music Promotion Corp has all types of packages that are necessary to plan a holistic campaign. 

Get Real Plays on Spotify from TerraNetworkGroup

Limited plays on Spotify mean limited exposure. The plays indicate a song or composition is not doing well. Limited exposure will stunt the growth and outreach of an artist. People using the platform, mostly music aficionados, will know that a profile is not creating enough waves and hence will ignore the artist completely. A tiny fraction of users on Spotify put in the effort to discover absolutely new talents, those who are practically unknown to the world. These users to have to sift through thousands of compositions and yet may not find your work.

Get Plays on Spotify Organically

Artists may get a certain number of plays organically. They can buy plays on Spotify to gain an initial boost. Then the growth may stagnate. This is another time when one must buy plays on Spotify. Whenever there is stagnation, until it is at a stage when the profile has an enormous following, there should be an attempt to boost popularity. This boost should reflect on measurable development, such as plays or listeners or followers. These should simultaneously grow for the increasing popularity to look and be organic.

Get Spotify Playlist Promotion

As you buy plays on Spotify, keep an eye out on how organic growth is panning out. You should get more plays on Spotify as the count increases. There should be a clear and measurable difference in your popularity. As you get plays on Spotify, there should be an impact on your following. Subsequently, you should have the song or album featured on a playlist. Ideally, you should have the song or album feature on more than one playlist. You can get Spotify playlist promotion packages too from us

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you promote me on Spotify?
We use our own network, affiliates, and huge partner lists (music promoters, online radio stations, playlists, and others) to promote your work on Spotify. We work with over 1,000 Spotify Playlists. We offer only organic Spotify promotions.
Do I need a Spotify Promotion Agency to promote my music?

There are many underground musicians that are incredibly talented but haven’t figured out the right way to market their music. You might be an indie folk music that is well-known within your city but hasn’t figured out how to get your music in the national spotlight. You also may be a producer that has landed on several blogs for your work, but can’t understand why you aren’t on some high-profile playlists that could single-handedly change your career for the better. It can be difficult to constantly reach out to blogs and influencers, only to find that you don’t have the time or energy to contact everyone.

There’s nothing wrong with having a strong fanbase that spreads the word about your talent, but the fact remains that there are so many artists with friends and fans that don’t truly understand what a Spotify promotion agency can do for them. TerraNetworkGroup understands the importance of growth and works with clients and musicians to help them truly find their footing in a particular niche or market. If you have both a word-of-mouth buzz, as well as a music promotion agency behind you: you have a much better chance of making more connections and establishing more credibility. An agency might have the connections and associations to help the right influencer hear your song, and choose to highlight it to their followers. This could be the kind of break that you need!

Some musicians end up in the industry in various ways: their relative/close friend might know an industry insider or a music executive might stumble on one of their live shows and immediately contact them because they are impressed. While there’s no guarantee that a Spotify promotion agency can suddenly turn you into an overnight success, it’s a factor that should be considered for serious musicians who are willing to invest in their future.

TerraNetworkGroup understands how frustrating promotion can be for artists that just want to focus on their craft, and gain more followers. We offer many different packages regarding promotion and marketing.

Why should I purchase Spotify promotion services?

Spotify is one of the most relevant platforms in the world not only when it comes to musicians, but content creators in general. The company has gone on an aggressive acquisition blitz in the podcast industry, and it is clear that more influencers view Spotify as a great way to market their own products and services, as well. If you are serious about understanding how to purchase Spotify promotion, consider that TerraNetworkGroup can help you get your content out to more people than ever before.

You may find that a decision to purchase Spotify promotion helps your social proof on other platforms, as well, or that you are able to reach new potential clients as a result. Some musicians might understand that the right playlist could help get them the visibility that they need to get on new blogs, make new connections, or collaborate with more established artists in an effort to reach new audiences. It’s a small way to make an investment in your personal and/or professional career, and it might be what you need to help your content go viral or gain a wider audience.

Either way, there are many reasons why incorporating Spotify into an omnichannel marketing strategy might be one of the best growth hacking strategies for you and your business. You might find that your particular insight on a podcast could lead to more high-profile interviews, and could not only help you push your own products/services – but could lead to lucrative sponsorships down the line, as well.

It may take some time, but growing followers on Spotify is the kind of action you can take that can lead to many more opportunities down the line. TerraNetworkGroup can help you get more eyes than ever before, and it might be what you need for your content to really lure in the demographic that you were hoping to target.

Why should I promote my music on Spotify?

There are all sorts of strategies that musicians should consider when it comes time to build an audience. You should also consider your genre when it comes time to marketing your music. Some musicians choose to rely on their strengths – if they find that most of their fans come from live shows, they might focus on trying to book more venues or sell merchandise/music at the actual venue. Other artists might end up gaining traction on Internet blogs, and choose to build e-mail lists through followers on various social media platforms. Artists of all kinds should figure out exactly what strategies work for them.

However, Spotify should never be ignored: no matter what kind of music you make. Music Promotion services you might choose to target specific playlists or hope to gain followers through your own strategies – but Spotify is clearly one of the most important platforms for artists in general. Some may choose to spruce up their bio for their own branding purposes, while other artists may do what they can to land on the playlist of a particular influencer. Either way, there are over 200 million fans on Spotify – so why would you ever ignore those numbers? Of course, artists should also be proactive about the way they promote music on Spotify, whether it’s about coming up with the right logo or getting fans to change their avi for a cohesive marketing message.

If you want to figure out how to promote music on Spotify, make sure to look through some of the packages that TerraNetworkGroup has to offer. You can end up gaining more followers and likes, which will definitely lead to more people being interested in what you have to offer. If you are serious about making music a passion, you should consider selecting one of our marketing packages.

What are the benefits if I buy Spotify Promotion?
 Having a smart marketing strategy is what will bring you success in the long run and you will also start seeing results pretty fast. Only using free tools and free submissions will only take you so far, with moderate success. You can achieve greater results and much faster using paid promotion services.
Will my followers increase if I use your Spotify Promotion?

One of the issues when it comes to influencers and artists trying to get Spotify followers’ promotion is that some of them don’t really know whether they are dealing with a credible company. You might be unsure about whether you will actually be promoted correctly, or whether you will be only getting some fake followers for your hard-earned money. TerraNetworkGroup can make sure that you get thousands of new plays, which could mean many new fans in the long run. Of course, it’s best if you have a cohesive brand strategy along with your overall Spotify followers promotion.

You may find that the right Spotify followers promotion could help establish you as a thought leader in a particular sector. While some might be skeptical about promotion strategies at first, it’s clear to see how this investment can be a great decision for your future. You might suddenly make new connections, get into discussions about lucrative partnerships, or be invited to incredible speaking engagements. A Spotify followers promotion may not only lead to more Spotify followers – but it could also lead to more Twitter followers, Instagram likes, or Linkedin connections.

We will definitely help you get more followers on Spotify, but it’s also important to recognize that you should be uploading content consistently. Your fans and followers will be more likely to listen to competing influencers if you aren’t consistently putting out great content. You might also already be growing a Spotify audience, but want a rapid increase in followers to help your overall credibility.

Musicians may find that promoting a specific song or podcast episode of yours can help you on many other platforms, not just Spotify – and that the promotion package might be a great way to find new fans. The right promotion could eventually lead to meetings with record labels, and you should think specifically about the TerraNetworkGroup strategy that makes sense for you. You can also have free SoundCloud promotion

Why should I buy Spotify followers?

A strong fan base is vital for any artist and brand, which in turn will bring in even more fans. When you buy Spotify followers through our services we will create our direct marketing campaigns targeting real quality profiles and encouraging them to follow you.

Is Your Spotify Promotion Real?

There are plenty of companies and agencies out there that will tell you that they offer real Spotify promotion, but that might not actually be the case. There may be fake bots that stream your music for a while, which is a great way to help your numbers – but this isn’t a consistent way to build an organic audience. TerraNetworkGroup offers a way for artists and musicians to be promoted the right way, and land on some of the most influential playlists in the world.

We have an extensive network of over 500,000 followers, so we definitely are capable of making sure that your projects get the exposure that they deserve. There are so many underrated artists that can get “lost in the noise”, and they might feel like they are fighting an uphill battle. It can be extremely frustrating for a talented musician to not get anywhere in their career, while a famous artist gets backed by million-dollar budgets and powerful record labels.

TerraNetworkGroup offers real Spotify promotion that leads to authentic streams and listeners. If you are consistently getting a thousand listens on your new songs, it is only natural to want to get to the next level, whether it’s 10,000 listens, 100,000 listens, or 1,000,000 listens. It might be time to not only book new gigs but gain new monthly followers and listeners.

Your entire career can change if a specific Spotify influencer or curator decides that your music deserves to be heard. You may have tried to reach out to all sorts of influencers to no avail, but TerraNetworkGroup has the connections that could potentially land you on that new playlist where many new artists are trying to get more fans. Of course, you should also take the time to make sure that you choose the right songs to submit.

Do You Offer Spotify Playlist Promotion Service?

Musicians often have to prove their worth when it comes to the music industry, and it can be tough to explain to influencers or companies that have something to bring to the table. One of the metrics that many organizations use is to find out what playlists you are regularly on because it means that some of the most influential curators in the world find your music valuable. You may find that building an audience on Spotify can help you when it comes to future business deals and endorsements.

TerraNetworkGroup offers Spotify promotion playlist services, and we believe that they are one of the best ways for underrated artists to get noticed. We have real connections with some of these curators, and it may be easier to get their attention through our company than by contacting them yourself. This is one of the truths about the music industry – that it isn’t always easy to get in touch with everyone. You should also figure out how much you plan on spending on a Spotify promotion playlist service, and whether you plan on promoting several songs simultaneously or one song at a time.

It’s also important to do some research regarding Spotify promotion playlist services, and there are some companies that are out to take advantage of musicians without actually delivering anything. Musicians should do their own due diligence before purchasing a Spotify promotion playlist package. The right playlist means that one of your songs could end up going viral, or at the very least – boosting your numbers on Spotify significantly, which gives you more leverage in the music industry that you may not have had before.

Ultimately, the right investment can end up being a great decision in hindsight. If you are a musician that is seriously interested in investing in your future, you may want to purchase one of TerraNetworkGroup’s Spotify promotion playlist packages.

What is Spotify playlist promotion?
Our database has over 1,000 playlists we can tap into and promote your music. The playlists can have a few thousand followers or even half a million. Using our industry connections and direct communication we have with the curators, you can promote your new single or album very efficiently and conveniently.
How can I get Spotify promotions for my song?

If you are looking for real Spotify promotions for your song then TerraNetworkGroup is the right company to help. We offer a variety of Spotify promotion packages so you can find the right one for your needs and budget.

When it comes to getting your music heard, Spotify is a platform that shouldn’t be ignored. There are over 20 million fans waiting to find new music on Spotify. If you are serious about starting a career in the music industry then you should consider taking a look at the many Spotify promotion packages we offer at TerraNetworkGroup.

We are the leading music promotion company for a reason. Finding the right promotion company can cause a headache for new artists. You need to be focusing on making more music, not hunting around different music promotion companies that only see you as another paycheque. If you don’t trust that we are the best company to get your song promoted on Spotify then try one of our free Spotify promotions first. You have nothing to lose.

There are a few things you can do as an artist to help the promotion of your music to go along a little further. Use social media to your advantage and try to connect with popular influencers. Being featured on one of their playlists can introduce your songs to thousands, if not millions, of new listeners. Influencers are who people turn to for direction on hot new trends. You could be the next one.

Don’t forget to clean up your profile to make it more attractive for when new followers find you. Choose a profile picture that represents your brand. Most importantly, be creative and have fun with it. All of these details can help bring in more fans and followers.

How can I get Spotify promotion free for my music?

At TerraNetworkGroup our number 1 focus is to successfully promote your music. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients so we can help them flourish in their music careers. A lot of other music promotion companies are focused on one thing first, money. They charge their clients thousands of dollars and the services they provide are mostly bots.

If you really want to see how your music is impacting your audience, bots are not the way. TerraNetworkGroup only works with real people. So you can trust that we aren’t all talking we offer some Spotify promotion free packages. There are some great tools to help get your song heard by thousands of people for no cost.

TerraNetworkGroup offers two different types of Spotify promotion packages for free. The first one is 100 Free Spotify Plays, which is exactly as it sounds. You send us the link to the Spotify song that you would like to promote and we will get it played 100 times, for free.

We know that getting noticed is one of the biggest struggles new artists face. This is why we also offer one more free Spotify promotion. Spotify playlist placement is one of the best ways for an artist to get noticed. We also offer a free Spotify playlist placement to help you give one of your songs that extra boost it needs.

For new artists, it’s important to take advantage of every free promotion offer that comes your way. We know that a lot of promotion companies take advantage of new artists, so that is why we offer these free services. It’s important for us to show you how we work before you commit to a paid Spotify promotion package.

I need music promotion Spotify, which are the best options?

As an artist, your mission is to create great music. You are probably so focused on your music that you haven’t even thought over the business aspect of your career. That is where TerraNetworkGroup comes in to help. Before we help you out with one of our many great Spotify promotion packages, you need to figure out some stuff first.

You need to consider what exactly you want to promote before you choose a Spotify music promotion package. We understand that every artist has different needs, and that’s why we have such a variety of music promotion packages to help boost their careers. Make sure you clearly understand what your marketing objectives are before you pick out a package. Each package is unique and the right package will bring you plenty of new fans without setting you back a lot of money.

Choosing the best music promotion Spotify package for you all depends on what your goal is for this promotion. Do you have one song in particular that you know could start your career up? Maybe promoting that song to land on a popular influencer’s playlist for exposure could be your main objective. You could be trying to promote your image as a musician to draw attention to an upcoming project. Maybe you would like to highlight an album you put hard work into.

Whatever your goal is, it’s important to figure it out before choosing the best Spotify music promotion package for you. Every artist is after something different when it comes to promotions. The right package and promotional strategies to go along with it will exceed your expectations when it comes to exposure.

Can you help me promote my Spotify song?

You put a lot of hard work, creativity, and personal energy into creating your music. Sometimes it might feel like nobody is listening to it though. If you are looking to promote Spotify’s song of choice, then you have come to the right place. TerraNetworkGroup is here to help artists get their work promoted.

We can help you promote your Spotify song because we have some of the best connections in the industry. We have our own network, affiliate lists, and huge partner lists that we can reach out to. This is how we get your song promoted on Spotify. Your music career can change immensely is the right influencer or curator likes your sound. We have the connections to land your song on one of their playlists.

We can get your song on some of the most popular Spotify playlists giving it the potential to reach millions of new listeners every day. We have access to over 1,000 different playlists to feature your song on. If listeners like what they hear there’s a good chance they will follow you to hear more. Music Promotion Corp is here to help you build a bigger fan base.

One promise that TerraNetworkGroup can make is that we never sell you fake bots. Every account we promote your song to is a real person. Only real people looking for great new music to add to their playlists. With the right music promotional package, you could the next great artist they discover. This is how we help you promote your Spotify song for real. With bots, you can never gain long-term fans. Real promotional methods will bring your music to real fans and listeners.

I need to promote my new song on Spotify, which is the best option?

At TerraNetworkGroup we understand the struggles new artists face when it comes to getting noticed. When you put your heart into a new song, it’s so disappointing when nobody is listening to it. That’s why it is always a good idea to look into different promotional strategies for your music. All it takes is to promote one song on Spotify and you’ll see your listens, likes, and followers increase significantly.

It’s important to invest your time, work, and money into a music promotion company if you are serious about getting your song heard. If you just put all of your heart into a new track then you need to invest in a company that is passionate about getting your track noticed.

TerraNetworkGroup has several Spotify promotion packages to promote the song on Spotify. The best promotion package depends on what you are looking to accomplish and what your budget is. If you only have one song that you want to promote on Spotify then we offer a Single Promotion.

For artists that are new to Spotify and only have one song ready to promote, we offer the best promotion strategies at the best rate. All it costs is $10 to have your song get noticed by thousands, or maybe even millions, of new listeners.

Compare that to some of the other promotion companies that charge way more money to give your info to bots. With TerraNetworkGroup your music is only promoted to real accounts. You can start focusing on getting your next song ready, while we take care of giving your song a huge boost with the Spotify Single Promotion package. Can you think of something better to spend that $10 on?

Do you offer Spotify artist promotion?

For some artists, the key to getting a larger audience is to promote themselves first before their music. Their music is still really good, but there is something about their persona that will attract a greater fan base.

This is also a very good promotional tactic for artists who are currently working on a new project and want to build hype around their Spotify account before it’s released. Promoting yourself as an artist isn’t just about gaining more popularity or impressing your old classmates. It can have a valuable impact on opening up more opportunities for you in the music industry.

At TerraNetworkGroup we know just how necessary it is to get your image promoted just as much as your music. If you are looking for a Spotify artist promotion package then it is important to choose a company that will get the word out about you to all the best places. We offer a Spotify Artist Profile Promotion package to take your image as a musician to the next level.

With this package, you will start seeing fame and popularity right away. You will gain over 1000 new followers from real accounts. Only genuine people who want to hear new music. You will get extra exposure as a music celebrity by being featured in one of our newsletters sent out to music lovers all over the world.

The package also offers you 10 Spotify playlist placements which will greatly increase your chances of being featured on the Official Spotify Chart. You will also get anywhere from 25,000-30,000 new listeners and plays for your songs.

It’s so easy to get started. All that you need to do is give us the link to your Spotify artist’s profile, and we will take care of the rest. Start seeing more popularity within 24 hours.

Which are the best options to promote Spotify songs?

Spotify is the leading platform for artists to reach a wider audience with their music. People worldwide love Spotify because it’s the largest platform to stream music of every genre for a reasonable price. For less than you would spend on one album a month, you can stream as many new (or old) albums as you want.

When you first upload your music on Spotify it might feel like nobody is listening. After a couple of weeks, you only get a handful of listens. This is why it’s a good idea to promote Spotify songs. If you had promoted the song, you could have reached thousands of new listeners in those couple of weeks.

We offer a variety of different promotion packages for your Spotify music atTerraNetworkGroup. The best package to promote Spotify songs is one of the Spotify playlist promotion packages. These packages focus on getting your song put onto some of the most popular playlists to get you more exposure.

The Spotify playlist promotion packages start as low as $10. We have a deal for every budget to get your song noticed. Money never has to be something to worry about when it comes to promoting your music. Depending on which package you choose, you can promote anywhere from 1-10 songs and could see up to 20,000 new monthly listeners.

Your song will find it’s way onto playlist placements in as little as a day. Instead of spending a lot of money, you will be making it because all of your songs will be eligible for royalties. Best of all, your songs only get promoted to a real audience. Start seeing results right away with one of our Spotify playlist promotion packages.

Do you offer Spotify promotions for artists?

One non-kept secret of the music industry is that it’s just as important to promote your image as it is to promote your music. Your followers are here because they like your music, but they are sticking around because they want to see more of you. Spotify promotions for artists is the best way to keep fans interested in seeing more from you.

TerraNetworkGroup offers an amazing package to help give artists the image boost that they need. This image boost can help land you on the Spotify Offical Chart. The Spotify artist profile promotion package is the best service to help any artist get their name noticed.

Spotify is the most popular streaming service for music, it’s a large playing field for new artists to release their work. If you want to stand out among your competitors you will need the right promotion strategies. Working to promote yourself as an artist is a guaranteed way to get noticed. Our Spotify artist profile promotion package can help increase the listens and likes on all of your tracks, past, and present.

To get started all we need is a link to your Spotify artist’s page, and before you know it your account will be thriving. Think about all the new fans you will attract with a song being placed on 10 different playlist placements. Your music will have up to 30,000 new listeners. Since fame is the ultimate goal with this package, you can expect to see at least 1000 new followers.

All of your new listeners will be from pro users’ accounts that are located in the US and Europe. Your Spotify page will gain extra exposure because you will be featured in our newsletter that is sent out to thousands of music lovers from all over.

Which is the best option to promote your music on Spotify?

TerraNetworkGroup has several different ways to promote your music on Spotify. There are a few factors that determine what the best option to promote your song is, some of which include budget and exposure needs. Depending on what you need, we have a promotion package for you.

If you have a few songs that you would like to promote with hopes of making it onto the Spotify Official Chart, then our Spotify best-selling playlist promotion package could be the best option for you. You are guaranteed to get thousands of new listeners that are all from pro accounts. You can choose up to 5 songs to get played for 5 days of playlist placements.

This affordable package can get your music so much exposure that it will eventually pay for itself. With the right promotion tactics, your Spotify account will be seeing an increase in all the right spots. If you are serious about growing your music career then you can start strengthening your reputation as an artist by gaining more fans with the right Spotify promotion package.

I need playlist Spotify promotion for my new single?

We offer several playlists Spotify promotion packages at TerraNetworkGroup. Every artist is on a different journey, which is why we have different promotion packages to meet their needs. The best playlist Spotify promotion option will all depend on what your current goal is.

If you’re an artist who is brand new to Spotify it is a good idea to take advantage of one of the free Spotify promotion offers we are currently running. Pick a song that you would like to promote and send us the link, we will help you out and get you 100 free Spotify plays. This free offer will give your song good exposure and show you how much a good music promotion company can do for your career.

Our free Spotify playlist promotion offers a lot of great tools to succeed, but if you are serious about getting that song on the charts your next best move is to look into some of TerraNetworkGroup’s paid playlist promotion packages. We offer packages to fit any budget so you can invest wisely in your music career. The right playlist promotion package for you will end up paying for itself in the long run.

All of the Spotify playlist promotion packages we offer will get your song (or songs) of choice put on some of Spotify’s most popular playlists. We have the connections to get you noticed by some of today’s hottest influencers. Your song has the potential to be exposed to thousands of new listeners every day.

When will my Spotify campaign start?

We are starting the campaign usually within 12-24 after the order placement. After this, it may take a day or so for our partners to receive the necessary info to prepare their campaigns.

When will my Spotify campaign start?

We are starting the campaign usually within 12-24 after the order placement. After this, it may take a day or so for our partners to receive the necessary info to prepare their campaigns.

What kind of Spotify music promotion services do you offer?

Many artists are focused on their craft, and they don’t think of their music in terms of business and/or marketing. This would be a huge mistake, as it’s often the managers or publicists of artists that are able to get them the right “looks” that lead to a rapid increase in popularity. Music Promotion Corp understands that there are different artists of all kinds, and we have promotion packages for all of them. You should make sure that you understand what exactly you want to promote, and your clear marketing objectives, before choosing a Spotify music promotion package.

You might be a pop artist that has spent a significant amount of time perfecting one specific single to promote your first album. In this case, you will want to make sure that this one song is promoted, and lands on some of the most influential Spotify playlists around. In this way, the pop artist will use the Spotify music promotion package to get that one song into the ears of as many new fans as possible. You also may want to simply choose a way to promote yourself as an artist, because you are confident in your image and your projects as a whole. Many of your decisions depend on your overall music career, your skill level, experience, and other factors.

You may also be an artist with an incredible catalog, and want to highlight some of the projects that you put out last year. You can choose to promote an entire album or decide to increase your Spotify monthly followers through one of our incredible and effective Spotify music promotion packages. Artists and musicians should understand how they want to promote their art, and what they choose to highlight at a specific time. The best strategy takes into consideration the time of the year, current music industry trends, and market saturation.

How Does It Work Your Spotify Song Promotion?

There are all sorts of ways to advance a music career, and a lot of it depends on the type of artist you are. There are some successful artists that are able to gain a fanbase due to the fact that they were featured on a hit song or the fact that their label has put an entire marketing campaign behind them. Some musicians are even able to become famous due to the fact that they appeared on a reality TV show, for example.

A Spotify song promotion is a great way to make sure that your single gets the attention that it deserves. You may have an incredible single, but it wasn’t fully appreciated when you decided to release it. There may have been issues with timing or impact, but Music Promotion Corp can help you boost specific songs that can lead to more streams and long-term followers. If you are the type of musician that is willing to invest in your career, the right Spotify song promotion package can go a long way.

Music Promotion Corp makes sure that our Spotify song promotion packages are affordable and reliable, and we know that there are many competing services that are not able to produce tangible results. Feel free to browse through our packages and figure out what song promotion strategy works best for you. You could also promote multiple songs at the same time, as well, and you may find that this strategy is a great way to improve your visibility and exposure.

If you notice that your song isn’t gaining traction like it was, this can be the kind of boost that can help newer listeners hear your song and become new fans. Music Promotion Corp also delivers quickly, so that you don’t have to wait around and figure out when your song will finally be promoted. Music Promotion Corp is a great company to work with if you are serious about Spotify song promotion, and we believe in long-term relationships with musicians of all genres.

What Are The Benefits Of Your Spotify Paid Promotion?

At the end of the day, the music industry isn’t just about talent. There are incredible songwriters that don’t have the right image to become a superstar, and there are stars that cannot write songs but still have the kind of personality needed by music labels to sell units. This is a fact of the music business – and that’s one of the reasons why Spotify paid promotion is a great tool for up and coming artists.

You might be a musician that is getting booked consistently – but that isn’t always enough to reach new fans all over the world. There are artists that might submit their music to blogs and influencers, only to never get a response. One of the best things that these artists can do to improve their leverage and position is to consider a Spotify paid promotion package to help increase their numbers. This helps to increase their visibility AND credibility, and it can lead to new deals and partnerships that you never imagined before.

Music Promotion Corp understands the Spotify paid promotion world extremely well, and we believe in empowering artists and helping them reach as many listeners as possible. We offer a myriad of Spotify paid promotion packages that can help you achieve your own personal goals and/or milestones, and we believe in ensuring that artists from all backgrounds can get more attention.

It can be extremely difficult for artists to get promoted – it often takes the kind of time and resources that many independent musicians simply don’t have. An artist can only promote themselves so much before it becomes an ineffective strategy, so why not invest in a Spotify paid promotion campaign to help speed things up a bit? It might be a small decision that can lead to large results down the line.

How does it work your Spotify promotion campaign?

Artists can benefit tremendously from the right Spotify promotion campaign, and we believe that artists can get more leverage out of the fact that they get more followers, fans, and streams. A Spotify promotion campaign is a great way for fans of a particular genre to find out more about your music, and you will want to put your best foot forward. This might take more effort than you considered before – and it might require that you change your avi and profile to help attract more listeners than ever before. The right images and words will definitely help with your overall brand image and brand messaging.

Music Promotion Corp has all sorts of Spotify promotion campaign packages, and the beauty is that you can always go back and boost the listens on your past work. This can be quite strategic for those who are gaining traction because of some of their newer music and want to highlight the fact that they have many past projects. Artists might not ever know what song or album finally leads to the new attention, so a Spotify promotion campaign can help fans know more about what you’ve done before.

The right Spotify promotion campaign isn’t just about getting more Spotify listeners – it can lead to more followers on other social media platforms that can help you reach long-term success. For example, a Spotify promotion campaign can lead to more Twitter followers and Instagram followers – which can help you generate more revenue than ever before. The right promotion campaign, and the right timing, can lead to real results.

The right Spotify promotion campaign can also help you find out more about your fans and what they enjoy. If you are serious about analyzing your own metrics, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of Music Promotion Corp and the Spotify promotion campaigns that we offer.

What demographics are you covering?
We do most of our promotion in the USA, but our services cover a worldwide audience. So you will have access to followers from the USA, Europa, Australia, but not only, many of our Spotify playlists having a worldwide audience of followers, and you will get streams from all over the world.
What types of musical genres do you promote?

We promote all type of music from Hip-Hop, Rap, Electronic to Salsa. Each campaign is unique to us, and we design it for each client according to musical genre, audience, and distribution requirements in order to have their current fan base develop.

Do you want a package for your Spotify Album?

There are so many different artists out there that choose to progress their careers in different ways. Some of the biggest artists can actually put out an individual song and get a huge reaction from their fans, to the point where their fans are anticipating their album all over the world. Of course, this doesn’t work for many artists, and there are situations where artists might put out an entire project that goes under the radar for whatever reason.

Music Promotion Corp offers a Spotify album promotion that allows for your entire project to be highlighted, which is even better if you are the type of musician that has put together a cohesive project that you believe more fans should know about. You might find that the Spotify album promotion is exactly what you need to get on the radar of some influencers or industry insiders, and that kind of attention is truly priceless.

If you are serious about gaining long-term fans – it might not just be about one song or your image. You might want to promote an entire work of art that your fans can enjoy, and this is great for newer fans. Instead of latching onto one song – they can browse your entire album to find out more about you, your story, and your sound. This makes the connection that much stronger, and could mean that these fans end up sticking with you for the rest of your career!

Music Promotion Corp has some incredible Spotify album promotion offers, and all for affordable rates. The right Spotify album promotion campaign might be the best way to highlight a project of yours from last year, or it could be the perfect way to boost your plays once your album stops getting as much attention as it did the week that it was released.

Do you offer Free Spotify promotion?

Music Promotion Corp is interested in a long-term relationship with artists, content creators, and curators that are serious about investing in a long-term career. One of the ways that we differentiate ourselves from the competition is that we actually offer free Spotify promotion services for new artists.

We strongly encourage artists and creators of all kinds to take advantage of our free Spotify promotion services so that they can see for themselves what we can do for them.

We currently offer 100 free Spotify plays for new artists, and this free Spotify promotion is a great way to have a rapid boost in plays while also recognizing what Music Promotion Corp can do for you in terms of our packages.

We don’t stop there – we even offer free Spotify playlist placement, as well. Our relationship with content curators means that you can actually land on a playlist which leads to more followers and fans than ever before.

We also offer a free Spotify playlist submission option, as well.

The idea here is simple: Music Promotion Corp understands that there are lots of companies out there that simply do not know what they are doing in terms of Spotify promotion, or they don’t have the connections and/or credibility to offer free Spotify promotion. We understand that the life of an artist can be frustrating and that it can be extremely difficult to get new fans when there are major artists that are spending millions to make sure that they stay relevant and in the public eye.

We believe that artists should be able to even the playing field as much as possible, and hope that you enjoy our free Spotify promotion deals and offers. You can gain more monthly listeners, streams, and followers – all for free!

Do you offer Spotify Promotion Services in the UK?

There are many artists and musicians that are focused on gaining popularity in a specific city or region of the world. After all, there are some countries where particular genres are more popular than others, and it might be a smart marketing strategy to target a specific location in terms of music promotion. Music Promotion Corp is proud to offer Spotify promotion UK services for British artists that want to gain more traction in their country.

London is also emerging as a music hub, and there are some incredible artists that are breaking through and getting more international attention than ever. Adele is an obvious example of a UK musician that has sold over 120 million artists in the world, and she is clearly one of the most popular artists in the world. There are also UK rappers like Stormzy, Skepta, and Giggs that have become internationally popular after first conquering the UK scene.

This can be an extremely wise decision in terms of the overall strategy. You might find that making sure that you have a certain amount of UK followers can eventually translate into worldwide followers – and Music Promotion Corp has some incredible Spotify promotion the UK offers and deals for artists, whether they are just starting out or experienced veterans.

If you’re a UK-based artist, you might also want to make sure that you build your audience slowly and organically. Why not use Music Promotion Corp for our Spotify promotion UK strategies, since it might mean that your new Spotify followers translate into real-life fans that end up going to your shows and supporting you through other ways, whether it’s purchasing music, merchandise, or otherwise? Of course, our Spotify promotion UK package can also be part of an overall global strategy, to make sure that your music reaches as many global fans as possible.

Do you offer Spotify Promotion Services in the USA?

There are many markets all over the world with respect to the music industry, but it’s no secret that the USA is one of the most important music markets in the world. It can lead to a tremendous amount of revenue, and most international stars have some sort of foothold in terms of an American fanbase. Music Promotion Corp is available in the US, and we are happy to help you get more exposure in the USA.

You might be trying to get on the USA charts, or you might simply want more USA followers to interact with. Music Promotion Corp is proud to offer Spotify promotion USA packages that can deliver real results very quickly, and we are a reliable company that musicians can truly trust. Some other music promotion services simply do not deliver or respect the artist the same way that we do, and we hope to build long-term relationships with artists and musicians of all kinds.

The U.S. is the biggest market for music, but that doesn’t truly capture just how influential America can be. The fact remains that Amerian music trends actually influence the international scene significantly, in many different genres. As a result, coming up with a Spotify promotion USA strategy might be the smart move necessary to take your career to that next level. Music Promotion Corp can help!

There are many artists all over the world that are hoping for Spotify promotion USA for many reasons, whether it involves hoping for a rapid gain in US followers or an attempt to get new fans based in the United States. Music Promotion Corp can help you with Spotify promotion USA strategies, whether you are hoping to land on an influential playlist or simply want more monthly followers based in the United States.

Which is the best Spotify playlist promotion package from your site?

Getting your song featured on a Spotify playlist can have a positive impact on your career. These are some of the most popular playlists that get recommended to listeners all over the globe. You never know whose earbuds your song could play in next when you are featured on a Spotify playlist.

Music Promotion Corp offers a variety of Spotify playlist promotion packages. For artists that are serious about getting their song noticed, getting your song put on a Spotify playlist can give you that boost in listeners that you’re after.

The best Spotify playlist promotion package really depends on what you’re after and what your budget will allow. If your advertising budget is tight, we offer a Single Promotion for $10 that will help get your biggest hit noticed. Artists that have more than one track and are a little more serious about investing in a solid promotion might want to consider one of our more upgraded Spotify playlist promotion packages.

When it comes to Spotify playlist promotion packages, the one that offers you the most value for your money is the Premium Package. With this package, you can promote 1-3 songs for 12 days. Your songs will be featured on 4 different Spotify playlists. Music Promotion Corp has the connections to get your music featured on the most popular playlists for your genre.

With the Premium Spotify playlist promotion package, you will instantly get thousands of more streams, likes, and follows. All of these are from real accounts looking for hot new artists to follow. If you like the results you see with the Premium Spotify playlist promotion package, you can order it multiple times for the same song.

Do you offer free Spotify promotion service?

At Music Promotion Corp we understand that you may not have the budget just yet to put into a promotion service. You may even want to try one out before you make a purchase, which is completely understandable.

We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, so we make it our mission to establish trust right away. The team at Music Promotion Corp has seen upfront how other music promotion companies take advantage of new artists who are trying to get their song noticed. They take your money and drop your links off to the bots. We do things differently at Music Promotion Corp, and to prove that to you we are currently offering a <strong>free Spotify promotion service</strong> so you can see how effective we are at getting your music noticed.

100 free Spotify plays is one of the free promotion services that Music Production Corp offers to new artists. To take advantage of this great free offer you just have to send us the link of the song you want to promote and trust us to take care of the rest. Keep an eye out and before you know it you will start to see a substantial difference in your songs listens and likes.

Not only can this free package show you what this company can do for you, but it will also give you a remarkably fast boost in plays. As a new artist, it is a good idea to take advantage of every free promotion service that you can find.

Music Promotion Corp offers a couple more free promotion services for your Spotify song that you should consider looking into. We offer a free Spotify playlist placement to help you land that song on a popular playlist. There is also a free Spotify playlist submission as well, to get your song more exposure. Take advantage of these offers while they are still available.

Which is the best Spotify promotion service for upcoming artists?

For upcoming artists, the best Spotify promotion service options that you can look into are the Spotify promotion campaigns. New artists can see vast success with the right one. If you are serious about taking your music to the next stage, then it’s a good idea to look into the different Spotify promotion campaigns that we offer at Music Promotion Corp.

These Spotify promotion campaigns are great for introducing your music to fans of your genre. We specifically promote your work to the people who will like it the most so you can get more followers. These are the followers who are interested in learning more about you and hearing older tracks as well.

You will really want to make sure you make a good impression on all the new listeners that you will get from a Spotify promotion campaign. One thing you should keep in mind is that they won’t limit their search of you to just Spotify. Your social media accounts should represent your brand as an artist as well. Before investing in a Spotify promotion campaign, take some time to clean up all of your accounts, and choose profile pictures that will attract new fans. A good Spotify promotion campaign will also be attracting new followers to your social media pages.

The best Spotify promotion campaign is going to be different for each artist. Whether you are looking to attract people to your latest hit or highlight an older album you think could be a smash, we have a variety of Spotify promotion campaigns so you can find the right one to match what you need.

How can I promote my Spotify and get my music onto the Official Chart?

One question we hear quite a lot at Music Promotion Corp is “How can I promote my Spotify song to get it on the Official Chart?” This is a goal many artists who are serious about their music career have. In order to make it onto the Spotify Official Chart, you need to have a song go viral. Making that happen on your own is almost impossible. With the right promotion package, you can see your song go to amazing places.

Music Promotion Corp offers a Spotify viral playlist promotion package. If you are serious about getting your music on the Spotify Official Chart then this package will help get your songs there. You are allowed to promote up to 10 songs with the Spotify viral playlist promotion package, and this can up your monthly listener to nearly 20,000.

The Spotify viral playlist promotion package spreads the word about your music to blogs, genre-specific pages, and thousands of popular Spotify playlists. With this package, we will get your song on to the Spotify Official Chart. That is why Music Promotion Corp has been ranked number 1 by Google for the best Spotify promotion service.

This 5 star reviewed package can help boost an artist’s credibility and get their songs noticed by the right people to get on the Spotify Official Chart. We won’t ever sell your bots to become more popular for the charts. Our connections will get your song noticed by the people who will put it on the right chart. We help over 20,000 artists every month go viral by promoting their Spotify. With the Spotify viral playlist promotion package, you could be the next one.

How can I promote an album on Spotify?

An artist’s first album is their pride and joy. If you have finessed so much care into your entire album, it might seem unfair for you to only pick a song or two to promote for playlists. You want listeners to know that if they come to your Spotify page they will find a whole album to listen to, not just a couple remixes of the same song.

Music Promotion Corp offers one of the best Spotify album promotion services that you can get. Within 24 hours you will start seeing more listeners and plays for your album. We’ll promote your album to 20,000-30,000 of your genre’s top fans. Songs from your album will be featured in 10 different playlist placements to get them more exposure.

This promotion goes on for a 10-day period, in which your album can make a huge impression on tens of thousands of listeners. We will introduce your album to listeners that are most likely to become your long-term fans. Get started today so we can work on making your album go viral.

If you love the results you get from this service, you can order again multiple times. Every time you get this package, we will promote your album to a different set of people. You have millions of fans out there just waiting to discover your album.

Which is the best Spotify promo campaign?

Music Promotion Corp is the leading promotional company for the best-rated Spotify promo campaign. We listen to what new artists need and help them get the most from their campaign. While every artist wants to know which Spotify promo campaign is the best, we simply can’t narrow it down to just one for all.

While one artist’s main initiative at the moment is to gain more of an audience to their profiles, the next could be looking at getting their latest song into the earbuds of listeners from a specific region. Before choosing a campaign to invest in, think about what your current goals are.

Instead of lumping all of our services into a one for all packages, we offer several specific packages curated to help artists with their currents needs. This makes it so you don’t have the spend a bunch of unnecessary money. Artists will only have to pay for the services they really need.

Why do I need to pay for Spotify promotion?

At Music Promotion Corp we offer some great free promotion services to get your song noticed on Spotify. It is always a great idea to take advantage of these offers because it’s free exposure, something every artist trying to get their foot through the door need.

If you are really serious about growing your career as a selling artist, you need to take a look into all of the different Spotify promotion services available to you. You might find that the free resources worked like a charm but only took you so far. If you want more exposure for your music, you will need to pay for Spotify promotion packages.

A lot of companies will charge you excessive amounts of money to give your links out to fake bots. We handle things a lot differently at Music Promotion Corp. We use our resources to get your music suggested to fans of your genre. Since there are no games or gimmicks involved, we are able to offer these promotion packages at a fair rate. Since all of your Spotify songs are eligible for royalties, you have the potential to make this money back.

How can I promote songs on Spotify at the same time?

Music Promotion Corp is dedicated to helping artists promote all of their best songs. We know that you probably have more than one song that you’re eager to get promoted on Spotify. That is why we aren’t limited to just one package.

For our free Spotify offers you may only pick one song to promote. When it comes to most of our paid options, you may promote songs on Spotify as often as you want. For our Spotify playlist packages, we offer quite a few that can promote more than one song at a time. Choose between best-selling, premium, and viral playlist packages to start getting more exposure to your music.

All of our Spotify playlist promotion services are available at a fair price. We don’t want to see artists go broke trying to make money.

I need more promotion for Spotify, how can I get it?

Spotify is the world’s most popular music service platform. People from all over the world are downloading the app onto their phones to check out the latest music. Many people have discovered their favorite new artists from streaming Spotify playlists. Every artist who wants to have a career in the music industry needs to get their work on Spotify.

Music Promotion Corp offers several different services of promotion for Spotify. Since each client’s current goal is different from the next, we recommend browsing through all of the Spotify promotion packages we offer to select the right one. If you’ve finally perfected a song you know will be a hit, take a look at our playlist promotion packages to help get that song on to the Spotify Official Charts. Take a look at our Spotify artist profile promotion to bring more listeners to your profile so they can explore your older work.

Music Promotion Corp always delivers exceptional promotion services. We take passion in helping artists flourish in their careers. If you want promotion for Spotify, take a look at our packages and we can start promoting your work today.

Best Ways To Promote Your Spotify Music And Grow Your Monthly Listeners in 2023!

There are so many artists out there, all over the world, that are trying to figure out how to find the best Spotify promotion strategy to get them heard. This does take some experimentation, after all. You might be an indie rock band that has been tinkering with playlist promotion tactics, only to find that it isn’t really working.

You also might be a rapper that is noticing that you aren’t getting more follows, listens, or likes, and want to adjust your Spotify music promotion  tactics.

At the end of the day, opinions are opinions. There are no guarantees that a music fan will listen to your music and be drawn to it.

The music industry can be tough. Only a few percentages of musicians end up becoming famous, and even fewer are able to attain a global fan base of some kind.

Your Spotify song promotion can certainly take your career to the next level, but it’s important to remember that only a very small percentage of artists become extremely successful. Spotify is a well-known platform.

Your Spotify promotion campaign shouldn’t be about becoming the most heard artist on Spotify, but you should promote music on Spotify in a way that increases your online profile.

Obstacles Of Spotify Promotion

Spotify was created to empower artists. Technology has changed the way that music artists think about Spotify promotion for artists.

It used to be that artists would create relationships with radio stations, and stations would play their music until it became popular (or it didn’t). In modern times, an individual can upload a song to Youtube and the music video could potentially go viral.

While this does not guarantee success, there are situations where an artist has been able to start a successful career thanks to a song that finally broke through to the masses.

Of course, there are so many platforms out there – Youtube, Spotify, Facebook – and they all have their own obstacles and challenges.

It isn’t easy to master Spotify promotion for artists, but TerraEmpireNetwork can make sure that your paid Spotify promotion is effective.

One important obstacle that you have to think about is how to keep the attention of your fans. It doesn’t matter what genre of music you make – there’s a lot of competition out there.

Let’s say that you put out some songs that are gaining traction, and you feel like cheap Spotify promotion can help. However, if you simply upload some songs, but then leave the platform alone for months…this isn’t really effective.

Artists have to be consistent with their brand messaging, and provide regular updates so that their fans become invested in their content and future decisions.

Let’s say that your album is a great one: is your promotion Spotify matching how great your music is, at this point?

It’s unfortunate, but there is so much content out there right now that it can be extremely difficult to stand out.

Even incredible artists are sometimes unable to amass a following, due to the fact that there are so many artists putting out content all of the time.

This can often lead users to be consistently distracted. There are even situations, in modern times, where a major artist can put out an album that only remains relevant for about a week or so.

There are so many artists that continue to release music without viral Spotify promotion , even if they are trying to implement marketing strategies.

One of the great things about playlist promotion Spotify is that you can reach fans that you haven’t reached before. You might also find that one strategy helps you cross-promote with other platforms, and you can end up taking advantage of other social media platforms to make deals that can secure your financial future.

You might also choose to hire someone to optimize your best Spotify promotion service for maximum results, as well.

Music Promotion Corp can help you come up with a Spotify promotion strategy that makes sense for your budget.

It should be noted that there are different tiers of a Spotify promotion campaign, and you might end up investing more money once you see initial results.

It’s important to come up with the right metrics that you want to analyze for your Spotify promotion to artists, to figure out what to adjust and why.

Simple Strategies

At the end of the day, artists want to figure out how to grow their fan base. If you are someone who is hoping to become a full-time artist, you will want to figure out how to use a Spotify promotion service to gain more fans, which means more show money for your next tour.

In addition, cheap Spotify promotion might also help you get more credibility if a new fan comes across your material, as well.

You might find that the music career is a slow grind. You might think that you will be famous overnight, only to be humbled at how gradual the process can be.

You might find that you have garnered a buzz at first, but noticed that your following tends to stop growing when you aren’t putting out new songs.

TerraNetworkGroup understands that artists don’t always have access to thousands of dollars. That’s why we have simple strategies for those who only want to spend a certain amount of money.

If you are willing to invest only ten dollars, our Spotify playlist promo can get you a hundred followers and two thousand streams. We believe in our clients being satisfied with our results, and helping you grow your fan base as naturally as possible.

Of course, there’s a good chance that you want to invest more than $10 in your music Spotify promotion campaign. We have a higher tier, where you can pay $25 to make sure that up to five of your songs end up getting over five thousand streams every month.

This might not seem like a revolutionary number, but it is still a lot of value. We believe that we are the best Spotify song promotion company in the business, and our customer service is known for its quality, service, and attentiveness.

It should be noted that turnaround time does depend on the tier that you choose, and remember to verify the features on our pricing pages.

We also have a Spotify promotion campaign where artists and bands can promote entire albums, and Music Promotion Corp can get you up to 25,000 monthly listeners and up to 1500 real followers.

This is a great start, and you might find that you are able to work your way past established bands very quickly if your music ends up organically catching on. We do require ten days for this service, but there’s good news: we start your Spotify promotion within 12 hours with this option!

Discounts And Deals

Let’s be honest: if you are an artist or band, there’s a good chance that you are hoping to invest seriously in your career. You might have different priorities than other artists.

Let’s say that a band is simply looking to establish a quick following on Spotify, but already have a fan base thanks to live shows that they play.

They might want to pay several dollars to make sure that their numbers get up quickly within a couple of days, but rely on their live shows to make sure that their name remains “buzzing” throughout the local music industry.

Other artists might be more concerned with their online presence, hoping to eventually ratchet up to 50,000 or even 100,000 monthly listens. At the end of the day, it’s very difficult to get to a place where millions of people are listening to your music without any record label backing.

However, the music industry is changing, and there are more independent artists and bands that are able to grow their following thanks to our music promotion Spotify campaigns.

Let’s say that you are hoping to make a real jump in your numbers. In this case, you might not be interested in our $10 package, even though it can help. You might want to choose something a bit more elite, such as our best-selling package   It should be noted that there is a massive discount on this deal currently, as it is normally valued much higher.

We actually are offering a steep discount of 75% on this promotion Spotify campaign , so take advantage as soon as possible.

With this Spotify song promotion, you can actually get up to seven thousand plays on various songs, and can also land on various playlists. You also will be able to garner up to three hundred Spotify playlist promo followers, as well. With only $35, this Spotify campaign will be applied to five songs or tracks.

There’s more! Music Promotion Corp also offers the  Spotify viral campaign for $135. For this amount, we can actually deliver 1500 followers to your profile! Let’s say that you are a band that is hoping to reach ten thousand dollars within a year.

Why not help yourself get a headstart with you and the band members pitching in for a $135 package? This is the kind of playlist promotion service that can potentially change your career for the better!

Let’s say that you are hoping to go all out, and are willing to spend more than $135.

We offer the features of our $195 in our Spotify Album promotion, and more! In fact, TerraNetworkGroup offers a Spotify plan priced at $195 where delivery starts within 12 hours.

TWENTY SONGS OR TRACKS can be used for the promotion of Spotify This is the kind of situation where Music Promotion Corp can help you promote an entire project!

You never know: this can be the kind of best Spotify promotion service that can get you written up in magazines and websites!

You can get up to TWENTY THOUSAND PLAYS! These are the kinds of numbers that might even give your band newfound confidence for your next show or album. You can choose this package for as many albums as you like, as well!

At the end of the day, different bands might want to promote different things. You might be more interested in promoting a new single rather than an entire release, or you might think it’s time to promote your whole discography since you’ve been recording so much material.

You should consult with your team about the best decision regarding visibility and publicity.

The right music promotion service understands that there should be a lot of moving parts here, including features, interviews, podcasts, blogs, social media engagement, and more. You can also try our soundcloud promotion service.